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Asia – Australia’s wine future

Blaxland Wine Group wine glasses with fine Australian wine
To understand where the Australian wine industry is today and what is its future, it is necessary to ha ve a brief overview of development in recent times.

Australia’s wine history is very short, just over 200 years. For most of that time the industry was fairl y small and rather “homespun. However, in the 1980’s the Australian wine industry started to consolidate and aggressively target export markets.

Naturally the first target market was the UK , being the “old country” to many Australians at that time and having a common language.

This was a very mature wine market with a wealth of wine knowledge and a predilection towards French wine from just across  the channel.

Therefore Australia’s entry into the British wine market was mainly at the “commercial” end of the wine spectrum, where for the same price, Australian wines had significantly more flavour than their European opposition did. Over the years as that market approach ed saturation for Australian wines, more focus was placed on Europe, mainly the non wine producing countries and the USA.

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