Gregory Blaxland 2

Blaxland Wine Group - Gregory BlaxlandGregory Blaxland (17 June 1778 – 1 January 1853) was an English pioneer farmer and explorer in Australia, noted for initiating and co-leading the first successful crossing of the Blue Mountains by European settlers.

Our company is named in memory of the famous pioneer farmer and explorer, Gregory Blaxland (1778-1853).

In 1813 he led the first early settler expedition across the Blue Mountains, along with William Lawson and William Wentworth, on a journey which would open up the continent.

Gregory is noted as being one of the first settlers to plant wine grapes, using material he brought from the Cape of Good Hope. In as early as 1822 he won his first medal in London.

He lived a full and rewarding life, and is buried in the All Saints Cemetery in Parramatta. He has been recognised in name by the township of Blaxland in the Blue Mountains, and in an Australian Electoral Division.

We strive to continue the pioneering drive of this Australian icon, by producing wines of character and distinction.