Tanunda Hill Vineyard (Stage 1)

Blaxland Wine Group red Australian wine grapes

This 220 hectare vineyard was established  in 2001 in the iconic  South Australian  Barossa Valley viticultural region.

The vineyard is predominantly planted to red varieties including shiraz, cabernet, merlot and tempranillo with some small plantings of white varieties. In recent years some newly emerging varieties such as Nero D’Avola and Sagrantino have been planted.

The Vineyard is irrigated with water from the Barossa Infrastructure Limited (“BIL”) water scheme which owns an extensive  delivery infrastructure  that  transports water from the Murray Valley water system. The Tanunda Hill Vineyard  is one of the largest  shareholders in the BIL scheme.

Varieties planted:
Petit Verdot
Sauvignon Blanc
Nero D’Avola

129 hectares
25 hectares
36 hectares
7 hectares
10 hectares
3 hectares
5 hectares
xx hectares